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who we are

African Dream Now African Reality!

Zikzara  Consulting Inc., founded in Palmetto place, Ontario, is an organization that aids other firms to develop businesses & execute a go-to-market strategy for the entry into developing markets, with special emphasis on Africa.


Business Development Services

This service focus on our clients’ most critical challenges and opportunities -strategy, marketing, technology, transformation, and sustainability across all industries and geographies with special emphasis on Africa.

Telecommunication Services

We focus on the supply, & maintenance of your business communication systems, structured cabled networks, & associated equipment, ranging from simple solutions to the most complex solutions.

Project Management Services

We offer Project Management services among others, which seek to catapult individuals & organizations to a high level of performance & success in all kinds of IT projects. We deliver the best practices to our clients to boost their business growth.

IT Consulting Services

We provide end-to-end expertise that addresses every element of your evolving technology infrastructure, from developing a transformation road map to workforce training and more. 

IoT Consulting Service

Zikzara IoT consulting services have the expertise to help you build IoT capabilities that can create new revenue streams, increase operational efficiency, and drive cost reductions.

AI Consulting Services

Our AI consulting services cover the full scope of your requirements analysis before we come up with an optimal AI strategy to realize maximum revenue, opportunities & efficiency.

Renewable Energy Source for Africa

We work with utilities to turn the challenges such as increased competition & technological disruption, into opportunities by strengthening your core business and expanding our clients’ customer base.

Change Management Services

We employ a systematic approach to dealing with the transition of a firm's processes or technology, & to implement strategies for controlling & helping people to adapt to change.

Data Strategy Development

We provide you with both the business strategy & corresponding data strategy to improve your business productivity & efficiency. Contact us now and experience the African Reality!
Realize the African Dream

Become part of the African Reality & enjoy the rewards and satisfaction that come with true impact.

What We Do

Unlocking Africa

We harness growth and opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Africa. Zikzara Consulting Inc. has the expertise, networks, and partnerships to help our clients navigate the opportunities and risks, and find the right investments, local alliances, and new markets to ensure that they share in the future prosperity of the African continent.

Our Mission

Our Client

We work to ensure that our clients’ business prospers and bring sufficient returns in the long run, and have them become part of the African reality, to enjoy the rewards and satisfaction that come with true impact! 


We work to help our clients navigate globally & find the right investments, local alliances, and new markets, to ensure that they share in the future prosperity of the African continent. We turn the African Dream into African Reality. 

what our clients say

Before I hired this consulting firm, our business was in trouble. There were certain business fundamentals we lacked as our accounting and financials were unorganized & overextended. However, after working with Zikzara Consulting firm, we have a clear vision of our future, we have identified obtainable goals and most importantly we are profitable. Thanks!  

Rita Larry

Managing Director

Zikzara Consulting firm has been an invaluable resource, providing an exclusive approach, and support for many of my projects. It has the ability to make complex projects simple. They have provided solutions that support the company’s long-term goals. Thank you for all your help – I will be recommending you! 

Martins Lawn

Head Designer

I have had several firms over the years, and I like the customer service and the options that Zikzara Consulting firm has to offer. I know I can count on your service if I need my project done fast and with the best possible result. I’m a regular customer and hope to see you soon! 

Scott Mac

Energy Solutions
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We post trending information regarding business process optimization, IT Consulting, financial news, business development strategies, new market entry, renewable energy sources and solutions, and the global economy.

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let's work together & make the African dream a reality

Become part of the African reality and enjoy the rewards and satisfaction that come with true impact!

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