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loT Consulting Services

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The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network comprised of physical objects capable of gathering and sharing electronic information. It can be enhanced by automation and AI to find new pathways to market. IoT provides connectivity and standards to maintain operational and informational continuity.

IoT Consulting

Succeeding in today’s competitive environment requires expert guidance. Zikzara IoT consulting services have the expertise to help you build IoT capabilities that can create new revenue streams, increase operational efficiency, and drive cost reductions.

Zikzara team uses exponential technologies such as sensors, drones, wearables, AI, and edge computing to collect, connect and consume real-time signals and information for operational agility and flexibility and to respond to market changes. We bring together industry expertise, platform solutions, and partners to help build and execute your IoT vision. 


We provide benefits of cost reduction, controlled business processes, higher security, faster development and integration times, and standardized communications.


  •  More profits while enjoying efficiency using the agile and intelligent process built.  
  •  Improve visibility, compliance, safety, and performance.
  • Create new services, business models, and revenue streams.  

Zikzara IoT Service team can help you design, roadmap, and implement your IoT vision from proof-of-concept to mass deployment.

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We have the expertise, networks, and partnerships to help you navigate the opportunities and risks, and find the right investments, local alliances, and new markets to ensure that you share in the future prosperity of the African continent. We are always open for assistance, just write to us!

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