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Project Management Services

How we can help

Projects are conducted by firms for a set time and with specific goals. Firms apportion a certain amount of resources and budgets for the management and successful completion of these temporary endeavors.  

Project ManagementMany businesses run complicated projects that require effective project management, which is why they require a project management agency. The importance of project management cannot be overemphasized.

They are; 

  • It defines a plan and organizes the chaos 
  • Encourages teamwork 
  • Maximises resources 
  • Manages integration and quality 
  • Controls cost and manage change 


We help your organisation to consistently define, plan, and implement projects, such that strategy execution becomes a significant strength in your business. Our team of certified professionals takes on these projects to expand sales into new geographic markets, thereby maximising clients’ business efficiency. 


  • We help you find experienced vendors that can complete projects at competitive prices, avoid typical project mistakes, and recommend cost-saving methods.
  • We also help you minimise risks and conflicts arising from project mismanagement.
  • We take on the pressure and difficulties of a project while finding time and cost-saving solutions so that you can continue to focus on running your business.

Zikzara Consulting Inc. offers Project Management services among others, which seek to catapult individuals and organisations to a high level of performance & success in all kinds of IT projects. We deliver the best practices to our clients to boost their business growth.

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We have the expertise, networks, and partnerships to help you navigate the opportunities and risks, and find the right investments, local alliances, and new markets to ensure that you share in the future prosperity of the African continent. We are always open for assistance, just write to us!

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